PEI Mussel Farmers– hardworking and tenacious caretakers of our healthy, versatile and delicious mussels.


PEI Mussels are rope-grown and farmed by dedicated mussel farmers who love what they do. Like any farmer, PEI Mussel farmers are the caretakers of their surrounding natural elements that provide them the opportunity to produce safe and healthy food.

Farming mussels is a detailed process that requires year-round commitment, knowledge, and patience. The farmers collect mussel seeds in the wild, sort them, grade them, place them into socks, and then bring the mussels back to the water. Farmers maintain their mussels for over a year or so until they've grown to market size. Once harvested, they are stripped from their socks, de-clumped, cleaned, have their beards removed, and are visually inspected. All of this is done very gently to protect this live seafood.

PEI Mussels are the #1 selling mussel in North America.
And behind every mussel is a hardworking PEI Mussel farmer.
PEI Mussel Shipping Export
PEI Mussels are farmed, processed and shipped to a major North American destination in usually under 72 hours, guaranteeing that you get the freshest product possible. This process occurs 365 days a year, no matter if the waters are open in the summer or covered with ice in the winter.
Cooking PEI Mussels
The best part about mussels, however, is that by the time they reach your kitchen, all the hard work is done. That's because in addition to being healthy, versatile, sustainable and delicious, PEI Mussels are the world's easiest seafood to cook!
Mussel harvesting
PEI Mussel farmers respect the laborious process of mussel farming because they believe in delivering a top-quality, affordable, and sustainable product. They work through all sorts of elements to deliver a delicious, fresh seafood product to their customers, and when you sit down to a fresh serving of PEI Mussels, it's clear that the hard work pays off!