What makes mussels even more perfect is that once you've finished eating them, there's often broth left to further enjoy!


Is the mussel broth your favorite part of a mussel dish? For many it might be as mussel broth can be flavored in so many ways. To get the most out of your broth, it all starts with what ingredients you or a chef uses in the pot.

Mussels travel with their own liquid

Inside their shells, each fresh mussel comes with a tasty piece of meat waiting to be enjoyed, as well as their own ‘built in’ broth. Mussels carry some of the salt water they were grown in, which is why mussels steam so easily. When cooked, the shells open releasing the liquid inside. This is why after cooking, there’s more liquid in the pot compared to what you started with!

What is broth


Fresh PEI Mussels are flavour sponges for whatever ingredients you add to the pot. This is one of the reasons mussels are so versatile.


Popular Wine Broth Recipes

White wines

are the most common liquid to steam with for many mussel fans, but red wines can be used as well. Some people find red wine tends to work well with tomato based ingredients but that’s up to your taste buds to decide.

Popular Beer Broth Recipes

Lighter beers

are also popular to use, and if you’re a fan of heavier beers they can be used as a base as well.

Once again, deciding what liquid to infuse with your mussel broth is the fun part of your ‘flavor journey’! Other spirits that are popular include Tequila, Vermouth, Samba, Sake, Pernod or Vodka.

Popular Non-Alcoholic Broth Recipes

If looking for a

non-alcoholic broth

, try fresh citrus juices, apple juice, cider or more richer flavors like coconut milk or tomato juice. You could even try steaming with chicken or beef broth which most have in your cupboards or pantry already. And if you have kids, try steaming with root beer — they will love it!


Without a doubt, the tastiest part of broth is sopping it up with crusty bread when eating your mussels.

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