Here are some helpful hints to give you the confidence to ensure you buy the very best PEI Mussels every time.


Buying Mussels


  • Mussels are sold in mesh bags, loose on ice, or in high oxygen modified atmosphere trays
  • Look for tag with info on Harvest Date, Best By & Nutritional Info
  • You can give them the 'smell test' as the mussels should smell like the ocean – fresh & salty!
  • PEI Mussels are harvested and packed fresh year round

How to Choose Mussels?

Fresh mussels from PEI come with a tag that tells you when and where the mussels were harvested, a best by date, as well as the nutritional information. This tag will be attached to the mesh bag, or you can ask for it at the seafood counter if buying them loose. An easy way to tell if they are fresh is to use your nose. They should smell like the ocean – fresh and salty. You don't have to eat them as soon as you get home, depending on the date you usually can buy and store them in your fridge at home for a few days before eating.


  • Ask your fish counter staff to show you the tag if it is not displayed.
  • At the seafood counter make sure the mussels are wet and they are on a bed of ice for maximum freshness.
  • Good fishmongers will be misting or spraying them frequently as well as turning them so they stay shiny blue and happy.
  • They should smell fresh, like the ocean.
  • PEI Mussels are available at most supermarkets and seafood shops.
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